Before & After

Patient A

Extensive tooth wear with acid erosion.

There were concerns regarding tooth discolouration and shortening of the teeth from tooth grinding which has resulted in an ageing look to the smile.

The original tooth length is restored following a diagnostic wax-up and photographs provided by the patient of how herteeth looked in her mid thirties. The gum margins have been gently recontoured to recreate a cosmetic more youthful gumarchitecture.

Patient B

This is a 44 year old male. He is a West End actor who complained that his teeth were too short, discoloured and worn.

Since having a bespoke smile design with porcelain veneers where the gums have been recontoured to give more symmetry and allow longer more masculine shaped teeth of a more complimentary shade, rejuvenating his smile… offers of work have not stopped pouring in.

Patient C

This 52 year old lady was very conscientious about her smile.

Following a smile design with a combination of bridgework, crowns and veneers life could not be better. Her self confidence is restored and she has a beaming smile.

It never ceases to amaze me how depressed patients can become when they feel that they are being judged on their smile. Careful treatment planning, the best technical work and dental materials can boost a patients self esteem.

Patient D

This patient has had a full mouth reconstruction of the upper jaw with veneers, crowns and fixed bridge work. They replaced poorly fitting crowns, heavily filled front teeth and an upper removable partial denture.

Patient E

This is a 16 year old male who was concerned about the cosmetics of his front teeth. After some gum recontouring, one crown and two veneers he has a new smile.

Patient F

This lady was very unhappy with her smile. The teeth were very heavily filled and stained. The smile has been rejuvenated with 14 veneers. A smile design.